CDEMA Acknowledges Generous Support from Donors/Partners

The CDEMA Coordinating Unit expresses profound gratitude to all donors who contributed to the relief and recovery efforts in the impacted CDEMA Participating States as a result of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, September 2017.  CARICOM Governments and Governments outside the region, international development partners, regional institutions, private sector entities/foundations, citizens and residents from across the region as well as in the Caribbean Diaspora and other donors from all over the world, responded with an outpouring of support for our impacted States, through donation of relief supplies as well as financial support.

Contributions received were used to support the immediate hurricane relief efforts post Irma and Maria. As recovery and rehabilitation continues, CDEMA is undertaking a project for each of the most significantly impacted States as a legacy of the region’s support. Some financial support has been committed through donations made to the impacted States.  Please see details of donations received and how the contributions were utilised, including funds for the CDEMA Legacy Projects. 

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